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Google highest-rated European hair salon in North Shore Sydney

Sydney's top Google-rated hair salon for unmatched style and service.

What We Do

At JKH’s Cremorne North Shore Sydney, we have developed innovative techniques to achieve stunning blonde hair without the use of bleach. Our methods eliminate unwanted yellow tones, reddish browns, and damage, leaving you with smooth and manageable hair. We use natural-based products, such as organic and natural-based Keratin and Nanoplasty, to straighten hair and eliminate frizz.


Our Team.

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Brands that we use

Experience Australian luxury with Novak Keratin. Elevate your hair care regimen with premium keratin treatments for flawless,
Perfect Hair's top-rated tape hair extensions. Experience seamless beauty and unmatched quality.
Experience the luxury of Davines organics and natural hair care from Italy. Elevate your hair care routine with premium, eco-
Elevate your haircare routine with EVY Professional's natural organic keratin products. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to smo
Floractive straightening , offering smooth, sleek hair for up to 6 months without harmful chemicals.
Insight's natural products from Europe
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